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Gold Layering Diamond Necklace – How To Layer It Correctly?

A gold-layered diamond necklace is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. However, layering it gives you, i.e., the wearer, the opportunity to express your individuality.

Diamonds are made primarily from tightly bounded atoms, and every individual diamond holds its unique energy, reflecting and refracting light in a unique way. It is said that every diamond is unique, and so there are no two pieces that are the same. Much like the diamond itself, layering it is the best way to make it further stand out while showing off your unique style. It can be layered with everything from a delicate choker to a sautoir, putting your gold and diamond necklace in the spotlight.

Are you interested in sporting your unique style by layering your diamond necklace? Here are a couple of tips to get you started.


Choosing The Building Blocks For Your Stone

Gold-layering diamond necklaces start with curation, and this can often be the most challenging part, trying to choose the right fine jewelry. The trick is to use the first necklace that gets you excited. It can be a family heirloom that’s been passed down through the ages, tagged with a rich family history and many stories. However, there is no reason you should stick with a beautiful ancient piece when you can choose one of the latest ones we have here.

Try to find and use a gold and diamond necklace that you see meaning in, like the 14k Gold Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire Necklace  At the moment, you shouldn’t worry about what the next piece should be. A one good find will become your focal point, and the rest, as they say, will become easier. But this is a process you should enjoy and feel excited about.

Fortunately, you have access to our entire inventory, with loads of options of gold and diamond jewelry to choose from before moving ahead.

Feel and Do Good

Now, if you want to create a look that truly inspires you, it is worth ensuring that your diamonds are sourced from ethical and responsible sources. Their existence shouldn’t have an adverse social impact on the world. At MVJ, we only sell ethically sourced diamond jewelry, and our approach is ethical right down to how the jewelry is manufactured.

Our ethically sourced diamonds mean that you can trace the journey of our diamonds, and their impact along the way can be estimated. In fact, our existence is positively affecting micro-entrepreneurs in many parts of the world engaged in manufacturing jewelry. That is why you and many of our buyers can continue to feel good about the gold-layered diamond necklaces available. Knowing this may also make it easier for you to choose the right piece of jewelry guilt free!

Custom Tailor It

We are all as unique as the diamonds out there. Our unique personality is what makes one individual stand out from the other. So, you need to consider how wearing these pieces makes you feel and, most of all, how you want them to make you feel.

Every day, we personalize our jeans with a cashmere jumper by mainly creating a layered outfit that, in many ways, is unique to us. This individual look can be achieved using jewelry by mixing charms, chain length, and gold. You can also try your hand at contrasting shades, like choosing a chunky yellow 14K Gold Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire Necklace paired with a choker made from white gold.

You also have the option to mix and match pendants, like the one on our Apple Charm necklace, which can be paired with varying lengths of gold chains. Some may even feel that a bold medallion hanging over the neckline adds a bit of contrast to the look while drawing attention to the layer as a whole.

 Sterling Silver Apple Charm Necklace Malibu Vibes Jewelry

Choose Powerful Pieces

There are always times when we want to choose so-called powerful pieces. These are pieces that we define as ones that give us power, confidence and are captivating. Often these will have larger diamonds, embodying the image of strength. Diamonds are naturally a symbol of strength owing to their hard nature, but as a gem, they are perhaps the only ones known for their resilience, lasting thousands of years. After all, diamonds were forged in fire thousands of years ago.

A few power pieces we recommend are the Marquise Diamond Pendant, 0.81ct 14k designer style Necklace Jewelry Flower Bloom Victoria, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. These specially cut diamonds and arrangements offer a unique yet versatile look across all dress choices. However, a more budget-friendly yet arguably equally powerful piece is the 14k Gold Solitaire Bezel Diamond Necklace.

The pairing of these necklaces with their gold chains offers a perfect balance of uniformity and aesthetic appeal. This makes the layered look more enigmatic with different-shaped diamonds and can be paired with varying chain lengths.

Marquise Diamond Pendant, 0.81ct 14k designer style Necklace Jewelry Flower Bloom Victoria Malibu Vibes Jewelry

Final Word

Gold layering diamond necklaces are nothing new, but over the years, the approach to how it is done has certainly evolved. It is always worth the time and effort finding the right combination that goes along with your diamond necklace. While the steps outlined above are a good start, we urge you to experiment with different styles of diamond necklaces, sizes of diamond pendants, and necklace lengths.

At the end of the day, the combo should help you feel good and special because that is all that matters.

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